Electric City in Japan

  • 2/11/2011 – Rehearsal

    When I first entered the dance industry I didn’t have much experience. I was mostly thinking about taking class and learning the craft. I thought that all it took to be a dancer was to be able to freestyle well and pick up choreography. I wasn’t thinking about the “complete package.” Over time, I saw progress in my ability to pick up choreography and this freed me up to focus on other details. On this journey, I have learned so much about what you need to be successful such as picking the right headshot, learning how to audition and how important it is to network. After applying myself, I have managed to get representation from a well known NY talent agency. I am now aware that dance is a business and as such, I need to market myself.

    During a rehearsal with Feliciano Dance Company I found myself reflecting on all that has happened over my career as a dancer. This rehearsal is for a huge Fashion Show that is coming up in Japan. Recently, it’s been somewhat of a mental struggle because I haven’t taken class in about a month or two. I’ve been spending time in the gym working on my look. In doing so, I’ve sacrificed time that I could have spent practicing and I felt that in rehearsal tonight. We are on the third rehearsal and I know I will have the routine down way before we step onto the plane but getting to that point is going to be an enjoyable mental struggle. We are performing for 30,000 people. I’ve never performed for that many people before and I want to make sure that I am ready to give 110%. People keep telling me I should be so excited. But the way I go about my jobs, whether it is 30,000 people or 5 people, I stay focused on doing the job well. Once the performance is fully polished I will be more relaxed and ready to appreciate the opportunity.

    I am going to continue sharing this experience with you guys through pictures, videos and some more writing. Come back and visit and find out how our journey to Japan goes!

    2/16/11 – Depature Date

    I am on the plane right now with the rest of the cast leaving Detroit and heading to Nagoya, Japan. I feel great and yes I am very excited because this is my first time heading to Japan and the number 30,000 has me really pumped. I’m not too excited about the 13 hour flight but hey, sometimes you have to do what you gotta do to get where you wanna go.

    The routine is locked in and I’m ready to perform or make changes to the performance if need be. Our rehearsal space was limited but as a professional you have to always be flexible, even at the last minute. Our performance area is a huge stage connected to a 32 meter runway connected to another stage. Believe it or not the choreography is staged for us to use both stages AND the runway.

    Aside from enjoying the whole Japan experience, I was thinking of purchasing some gadgets since I’m big on electronics. Maybe a high tech cell phone… which probably wouldn’t work in the US at all. Or even a cool camera since thats the only thing that’s missing from my arsenal of electronics/ gadgets.

    Next stop Nagoya, Japan ZZzzzzzz……

    2/18/11 – Show Day

    As you can see we’ve reached Nagoya, Japan safely and we’ve been very busy since we landed. We’ve done a magazine interview, a newspaper interview, 2 TV shows, a radio show and numerous photoshoots. It’s hard to keep you guys informed with what’s going on here and enjoy it at the same time but I will continue to try. Tonight is the big show so make sure you check back soon to see how it all went down. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so go ahead and read on.

    2/19/11 – Off to Tokyo

    We finally had our show last night and it was AMAZING!!!!! It had to be one of the biggest performances of my career thus far. I was exhilirated from the moment we stepped onto the stage. We were expecting an audience of 30,000 people but were surprised to have a whopping 40,000 people show up. Throughout our performance the crowd was silent… I interpret this to mean that they were in awe; not knowing how to react to this new theatrical style.  In addition to the filled stadium and the gigantic stage, we had terrific lighting that multiplied the intensity of the show by 10. 5, 6, 7, 8 and pose, was how we finished the show.  This was followed by a warm ovation from the massive crowd. As we left the stage, there were tons of excited spectators leaning over the barricade.  They were holding their hands out to get a “high 5” and congratulate us all. This first time experience in Japan with the rest of the Feliciano Dance Company is an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

    Next stop, Tokyo, Japan where we will continue to promote for the 90-minute show coming in April.

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