Office Max Elf Yourself Campaign 2012


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    Each holiday season, Office Max launches it’s well-known campaign “Elf Yourself” and this year on October 10, 2012 History had the honor of being a part of it.  Forbes magazine has rated this year’s launch as the 7th most important internet campaign in history.  If you don’t already know, “Elf Yourself” creates a website where you can upload your head (or the head of a friend you’d like to embarrass) to the body of several different Elf dancers.  History, along with a couple other Clear Talent dancers make up the bodies of the dancers you will see.

    Aside from the cheerful music, the well-thought out choreography and direction of the super talented Jermaine Browne really made this experience come together.  Each song performed by the elves channeled a different style of dance and feeling.  The shoot was a long and intense 2 days but the finished product proved worth it.

    This job was particularly exciting for History as he really gets into the holidays and is happy to spread the holiday cheer.  As he watches the Elf counter rise, History feels proud to be one of the dancers to make this experience possible.

    This project has been getting a lot of press so here are a couple links showing a bit of what was going on behind the scenes.  Elf Yourself Behind the Scenes and Meet The Faces Behind the Elves


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