• Day 1

    Personas, Cafe, Intro

    First day of rehearsals for the show Fuerza Bruta and everyone is excited and anxious to get started with this learning process. After everyone had a chance to introduce themselves, we began running the first piece of show which is called “Personas”. The idea of this scene is that the main character has a goal or something to do and while he is trying to get to that place there are people on the street getting in his way. He basically makes the choice to avoid/get around everyone in his way to continue to strive to his end goal. For the people who are getting in the corridor’s (main character) way they have to drop off the back of a treadmill blindly. I have to admit the first time I tried this I was really scared, but after the 2nd time trying it I felt pretty comfortable.

    Another scene we went over was the cafe scene. In this part of the show you are still on the treadmill but there are chairs and tables being setup around you as if you are actually sitting in a cafe. I don’t want to give too much away, so let’s say your goal is to keep everything on treadmill.

    Day 2

    Murga 1, Final Corridor

    Today we spent most of our time running though a part of the show called “Murga 1” and another scene called “Final corridor”. Along with a bunch of other cast members, I came in with a sore neck from doing the piece Personas. In Personas we repeatedly do a free fall drop backwards into a cushioned mat off of a treadmill. Doing something like that seems frightening but after doing it over and over you get used to it.

    Day 3

    Murga 2

    Day 3 and yes everyone was still sore from all the running on the treadmill. After stretching and attempting to warm up these broken down muscles we went over the second part of the Murga dance which is basically the same thing, but a little shorter and much faster than the first one. After we learned both Murga dances we did them both back to back to build our stamina which was really intense!

    Day 4

    Full Corridor

    Today we ran the full corridor track from the beginning to about the middle of the show which isn’t that much to do. Somewhere in between is about a 10-minute break where another track happens called “Cortinas”. The person who plays the “corridor” has a break on the treadmill and gets to lay down and rest. In our rehearsal we skipped that 10 minute break and continued to run on the treadmill which took up ALOT of energy. Even though it wore us out it helped to build our stamina for the show. After all the males had a chance to run the corridor role, we went back to practicing the Murga dance.

    Fuerza Bruta Dancer Rehearsal

    2nd week

    The 2nd week of rehearsal we used those 4 days to go over transitions and different timing to go in an out of different pieces. The director of the show was also around for the last week of rehearsals for some final touch ups on things in the show. Throughout the first and second week of training we were thrown into the show as a part of training to get our feet wet. Me personally, I was nervous but got over it after the first show which went well. Training is now officially complete and I can now call myself a cast member of the show FUERZA BRUTA.

    Visit this page for a brief summary of the overall auditioning process. NEW CAST OF FUERZA BRUTA NYC

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