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    On Thursday, January 30, 2014, History had the honor of performing on stage at the New York Beacon Theater with the iconic group TLC. This performance was for VH1’s Super Bowl Blitz Concert Series. For the entire week before the Super Bowl, VH1 had 6 different artists (J. Cole, Janelle Monae, Fall Out Boy, TLC, Goo Goo Dolls and Gavin DeGraw) performing at different venues around New York City as a pre-game celebration leading up to the Super Bowl.

    As you know TLC was the biggest female act of the 90’s and as we stumble upon 2014 they’re back at it as if they never left. Performing with a group as well-known as TLC was surreal for History. It makes everything he has had to do to get to this point in his career worth it. He grew up listening to many of their hit songs in the 90?s such as Waterfalls, What About Your Friends, No Scrubs, Diggin’ On You and Creep. Never did he think that one day he would have the opportunity to perform on stage with them.

    Even with all the fame following TLC, both Chilli and T-Boz were said to be super down to earth, very humble and hands on in rehearsal. Yes, History is a fan but at the same time he is also a professional, so while in rehearsals it was all about getting the moves down and putting on a great show. There was one 8 hour rehearsal held for the 7 New York dancers to pick up the parts of the show they were going to be included in. History said there was one point when Chilli took a moment to break down one of the grooves of the show and explain it to him. Many people might think that an artist showing a professional dancer how to groove strange, but she’s been doing these grooves for years, so who else better to learn from? The other 7 dancers were from Atlanta and they are on tour with TLC. A lot of the songs choreographed included in the set for VH1 are numbers they perform on tour. Therefore, the rehearsal process for the NY dancers was kept to a minimum.

    Overall History had a very memorable performance and he considers it to be one of the highlights of his career. History has been performing on stage for years and doesn’t hold high expectations when it comes to work. His expectations remain neutral so if no huge jobs comes his way he has no reason to be disappointed or let down. In a case like this he really takes in the moment and appreciates that he’s blessed to be living life and doing what he loves.


    Chilli and Dancer History VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    Chilli and NY Dancers VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    Beacon Theater


    TLC Dancers VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    TLC and Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem Rehearsal


    Daisha Graf at VH1 Super Bowl Blitz Tech Rehearsal


    Jason Santana and Soraya Lundy TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz Tech Rehearsal


    Dancers Renzo and Natquan Savoy dressing room TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    Dancer Creative Director Kiki Ely TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    Dancers Soraya Lundy and Elysandra Quinones TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    TLC Dancer Naeemah TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    Dancer Noel Frias TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    TLC Tour Dancer Vickroc


    Dancers Noel Frias and Soraya Lundy TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    TLC NY Dancers (Jason Santana, Natquan Savoy and Noel Frias) VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    TLC Dancer Elysandra Quinones VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    TLC Dancer Jason Santana and Chilli


    TLC Dancer Daisha Graf TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz


    TLC VH1 Super Bowl Blitz Costume TLC


    Chilli’s Room

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