Moncler Grenoble @ Grand Central

  • On Sunday February 13, 2011, History participated in a flash mob that was an epic event, which shut down grand central station for 7 minutes. A one of kind fashion flash mob which hasn’t been done this way before in fashion. A couple hours after the performance the event was featured on tons of blogs and I’m sure that number tripled by now. Go ahead an google “Moncler flash mob in Grand Central” and see how much coverage that event received. Below is a little of what was said by Italian VOGUE.

    It was an evening to remember for those who were lucky enough to find themselves at New York’s Grand Central Terminal last night. Thanks to the label Moncler Grenoble, the flash mob made its return (after almost 8 years from their first performance) for Mr. Ruffin’s Moncler brand, which presented its Fall 2011 collection in the historical location.

    Seven choreographed minutes executed by 180 performers who danced among the Sunday crowds in a routine inspired by the American musicals by Bob Fosse. The presentation went beyond that of a simple fashion show and managed to perfectly embody style and technique. -Italian VOGUE

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