Rihanna Runs The Stage With “Rude Boy” History


    On Monday May 14, 2012, History had the pleasure of performing on stage¬†with one of biggest female artist around…. Rihanna!!! It wasn’t just any show, the performance supported the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity which aims to eliminate poverty throughout New York City. Beside this being a charity event it was also a very memorable experience for History being that this was his first time working with Rihanna. Not everyday do you get an inside scoop from someone who was just performing alongside one of hip hop’s biggest artist so History will be giving extra details.

    While in rehearsal with Rihanna History says that she was very playful, welcoming and focused at the same time. Unlike a lot of other artist when everyone took their lunch break she stayed with the amazing choreographer Hi-Hat and took time to learn her choreography for the show. History also stated that she came in during the middle of the second day of rehearsal to observe how everything was coming along. After seeing how much of a great job everyone was doing she took a second to introduce herself by give a warm hug to all the new dancers on the project. Being a star I’m sure Rihanna isn’t a stranger to hard work, but seeing how dedicated everyone was to doing their job made everything run so much more smoother on set. That compliment would go to the engineers, musicians, stage hands, stylist, dancers and many more.

    The show overall was very dramatic, entertaining, eye catching and not to mention it had the right sound cues everywhere. Lets not forget the extravagant Egyptian themed set that was on stage. The costumes couldn’t have been better and all the dancers brought the show to life. View the clip below to get a glimpse of the show with Rihanna performing, “Only Girl In The World” and “Disturbia”.

    By the end of the night The Robin Hood Foundation Benefit raised a staggering $57 million!



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