• History’s Services

    I am a dancer/ choreographer that takes his experience from working in the entertainment  industry and brings it into private sessions. I have a lot of patience when it comes to teaching which is key and my method of repetition helps the average person learn different dance moves. My goals is not to have the client pick up choreography at a fast pace but just to dance more efficiently and feel more comfortable and confident while doing it.

    I provide at home visits for those who prefer their home over a dance studio. I’m based out of Brooklyn, NY but I also travel to Manhattan, Queens, NJ and LI. Need a little convincing on the quality of my work? Check out my testimonials. Contact History by email at or by phone (347) 687-1633.

    Choreography for Performances/ Events

    -If you need 1, 2 or 10 dancers I can provide you with an amazing performance that will keep your audience entertained.

    -All dancers will be on a professional level which guaranteees you’re getting your monies worth.

    Private Classes

    -All levels (Beg, Inter, Adv) so you can train at your own pace without worrying about being left behind in a full class.

    -One on one sessions which allows the most progress in a short period of time and helps your reach YOUR specific goals.

    -Studio sessions (Manhattan or Brooklyn) as well as at home visits so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. (Client will pay for studio space)

    -Lessons are booked around your schedule so you will never be at an inconvenience.

    -My style caters to males and females so it can go from smooth and sexy to hype and energetic.

    Artist Development

    As an artist some people have natural talent and others develop talent through practicing, training and just working hard. Before an artist can fully blossom into being amazing and commanding their audience they must develop their “IT” factor. Which is being able to have great stage presence, a good overall look, personality and being able to adapt to any situation. A&R look for artist that already have that “IT” factor and if you don’t they won’t look at you twice. Like I said before some people are naturally born with it and others go through a process called Artist Development. Artist Development takes time and commitment so if you think you will reach your peak in one lesson you’re sadly mistaken.

    Through Artist Development you  find your strengths and weaknesses and make them both work for you on stage. For example if you’re a bad dancer this process will show you how to move around on stage instead of stand still showing the audience one of your weaknesses. While rehearsing taping yourself and studying what you like and don’t like about your performance helps you grow as an artist. Learning choreography helps you pick up moves and allows you to jump in and out of set dances with the dancers to give the audience some good visuals. It also make you look more versatile knowing that you can either  rock your performance on the mic or tear up the stage while doing the dancers choreography.

    If you are interested in growing as an artist and you want to take your career seriously dedicate some time to work on your craft and actually be the best that your can be. At the end of the day as long as you tried and gave it your all you won’t be disappointed or have any regrets.